The 4th International Congress of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

13 - 15 September 2019
Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, ROMANIA

Promoting Prevention: Rational Emotive Education in School Settings - Ann Vernon

Albert Ellis pioneered the application of REBT to the treatment of children and adolescents in the mid 1950’s, and it has a long-standing history of applications in educational settings. The educational derivative of REBT, rational emotive education (REE), can be applied in several different ways to promote social-emotional well-being.  There are a number of “promising” school-based programs that address social-emotional development and support the contention (M. Bernard and A. Vernon) that teaching children social and emotional competence is essential not only for social and emotional well-being, but also for academic achievement, success in life, self-management, and sense of social responsibility.  The purpose of this workshop is to present the components of a prevention approach that emphasizes teaching children and adolescents how to maximize rational thinking and problem-solving skills, minimize unhealthy negative emotions and self-defeating behaviors, and accept themselves as worthwhile human beings with strengths as well as weaknesses. Participants will learn about the rationale for social-emotional education programs, “proof” that they work, and examples of how to implement this approach in educational settings, including the teachable moment, structured REE lessons, integration into school subject matter, and infusion into the total educational environment. Specific examples will be given for each of these approaches.  This workshop will be very practical, with emphasis on creative ideas for enhancing social-emotional development.


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